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Who is it for?
For gelato artisans or gelato lovers who want to add something special to their creations or learn how to make many products.

Subjects Covered
- Recipes and tecniques cream gelatos
- Recipes and tecniques of sorbets gelatos
- Recipes and tecniques of chocolate gelatos
- Recipes of gelato with vegetal origin drinks and without cow milk
- Recipes of sauces and toppings 
- How to create gelato cakes

Click here to see a demo lesson (in italian language only)

Learning tools

  • Text books available for download in every podcast

How to access Podcast
Place an order for the course "Webinar Package" and you will be receiving an order confirmation with all the URL to access the podcasts, once your payment is confirmed.

For any info,  contact us info@gelatouniversity.com ,  tel. 051 650 5457


Price 200,00 € (244,00 € VAT incl.)
Price from second person onwards 200,00 € (244,00 € VAT incl.)

  • English
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